Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why You Should Buy a Used Car Instead of a New One

If you have taken the decision to buy a used car, you have made a wise decision for the simple reason that when a car is one year old its value is depreciated by over 20% no matter what the mileage is. Sometimes, its mileage may be very low but still the price depreciation cannot be helped. There are many other reasons for you to buy a used vehicle these days.
One important advantage is the lower insurance premium you need to pay when you buy a used car. Insurance company's value used vehicles at very much lower prices than the new ones. Therefore, you never need to pay heavy premiums no matter what type of insurance you purchase.
Unlike when you buy new cars, you have the advantage of being able to bargain for the price when you buy old ones. This is specially so when you try to close a deal with a private party. Unlike the used car dealers those who are selling their vehicles privately need to dispose of their automobiles in order to buy new ones.
It is not necessary for you to worry on the reliability of used cars anymore as there is the possibility of doing a thorough check on an automobile these days. Besides, today's cars have computers that are able to detect any faulty part. Also if you are lucky, you could find a car that is still under manufacturer's warranty when it comes up for sale as a used vehicle.
In case you need to buy a used vehicle with its manufacturer's warranty, there is the possibility of doing so. Some manufacturers sell used cars with their certifications on quality. They also provide warranty for these vehicles. This provides ample reason for you to trust a used vehicle.
There is also the possibility of looking at the history of a used automobile as it has its registration number that enables you to look into its history. This way you will be able to avoid getting caught to a person who will try to sell a car that has been repaired after a serious accident.
When you think of all these factors that encourage you on the purchase of a used vehicle, you will not hesitate to stick to your decision of buying one. When you do so, you are going to save a couple of thousands of dollars while owning a reliable car of your choice.