Thursday, June 7, 2012

Types of Car Insurance

While most people doubt the necessity of having car insurance, let us talking about the types of car insurance. As we know that the main reason of purchasing car insurance is simply because we have car, thus, we should also know the types of car insurance which will be appropriate for our need. Actually the type of car or auto insurance was limitless. This means, the type is pretty flexible that there are various of it. However, the new policy and consideration have changed it that the policy is somehow similar. 

Basically, there are six types of car insurance which is commonly offered. There is casualty insurance. It is dealing with the technical classification of the insurance, but it does not cover the non-insured persons, etc. The second is collision coverage which covers the cost of damage of the affected party’s vehicle. Next, there is comprehensive coverage which does not cover the policy of collision coverage, such as vandalism and theft. To get all risk covered, you should choose the full coverage policies. Moreover, there are also liability coverage and commercial auto insurance for addition. 

Each type has its own policy and requirements. Thus, to know it comprehensively, you may visit the link given above and come to the Type of Car Insurance rubric.